ICT at Imperial

ICT at Imperial

The ICT department at Imperial College London helps students and staff with IT-related problems and queries. They offer face-to-face support via a service desk, as well as online, by phone and via Twitter for regular news and service updates.

Imperial asked us to create a new identity for their ICT department which needed to be in line with the overall Imperial College London brand. A feeling of approachability was key, as well as a simplicity and boldness in explaining what they do. The designs needed to be agile and transferable so that they could be applied to digital assets, print promotional items and used to enhance physical spaces.

We feel the project achieved two major goals. The first was its flexibility – it works for both digital and print, across widely different scales, and it can be used successfully by ICT staff as well as professional designers. The second is its striking visual appearance which is vibrant, inclusive and friendly, and quite a step-change from traditional IT marketing. The intention was to demonstrate that more than just fixing broken technology, ICT is about people and offering services and solutions that help staff and students in their work and studies.

ICT at Imperial
ICT@Imperial Icons
ICT@Imperial Toolkit
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ICT@Imperial Characters
The new identity is working really well! It makes all our advertising look fresher and clearer, I am so pleased with it all.

Anna Brosnan
Head of Transformation Communications, Imperial College London

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Software Hub

Software Hub is a web based tool which provides access to course specific software applications. It can be used from computers on campus, including cluster computers and staff computers, or from your own personal device. Keeping in line with the new ICT style but differentiating through colours, they required an icon, desktop background, posters and social media posts to help promote the service.

ICT@Imperial Software Hub